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"I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years and during the first 15 of those I personally handled the bookkeeping for our business using half a dozen spreadsheets. I processed every receipt and invoice, hand wrote every check, reconciled every bank statement and once a year sequestered myself for a couple weeks to emerge bleary-eyed with the data for our CPA to file our tax return. It was miserable! Worse yet, the time and energy I spent on bookkeeping reduced my ability to focus on other areas of the business where I could have been more effective.

Two years ago I realized something had to change, so began the search for a bookkeeper. After considering a number of options and having a few false starts, I was referred to JLC Bookkeeping. It was a perfect fit! Charity began patiently transferring all the moving pieces of our financial world into QuickBooks. Her knowledge of the systems and her attention to detail reassured me that I could delegate this part of our business and trust it was in good hands. Charity handles our day-to-day flawlessly and she does an excellent job communicating with our CFO and CPA on the bigger picture.

In my view, a good measure of value received from a service provider is how I feel about signing the check for their invoice! Each month when I see the JLC Bookkeeping invoice, I’m struck by how relatively little it costs compared to what they do for our business. They have my highest recommendation!"

Heath Copp - Owner ~ Peragon Enterprises, Inc.

“I have done the tax work for several of Charity’s bookkeeping clients over the years. She does a very good job of getting the file ready for the preparation of the income tax returns, saving her clients money by keeping the CPA’s time to a minimum. She asks the right questions, and knows the answers when inquiries are made of her bookkeeping clients’ files. Charity is a pleasure to work with, always responding promptly to emails and keeping her promises when she says she will have a project completed. My life would be easier if all of my clients used JLC Bookkeeping!”

Cathy Gille, CPA ~ Carlson Highland CPAs

“I have worked with Joni for close to 20 years as the tax preparer for both of the businesses she has ownership in. Joni also has worked for me, first when I was a partner of a New Richmond firm and then when I opened my own firm in Amery. I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it has been to work with her over the years. You will not find anyone willing to work harder, nor anyone wanting to do a better job for you. Her bookkeeping skills have grown as her businesses have grown and prospered, expanding tremendously with the formal education she received as she worked towards her Associate Degree in Accounting in 2014. Joni knows Quickbooks inside and out after using it for 20 plus years. She is my source if I have questions as to what Quickbooks can do and how to make it happen.”

Cathy Gille, CPA ~ Carlson Highland CPAs

“I have had Charity Williams as my bookkeeper since 2011 and I couldn’t be happier! I had done my own bookkeeping for 18 years so I was afraid of giving up that control. Charity has patiently allowed me to do that at my own pace. It was a very smooth transition and it’s a great piece of mind knowing that my bookkeeping is being done correctly. She’s extremely accommodating and easy to work with. She has caught several billing errors, saving me money. I highly recommend her!”

Darcie Rochon ~ DBV, LLC

“I have worked with Joni VanDusartz for 6. Joni shows clear understanding of bookkeeping from the basics, through cost accounting, up to and including the preparation and understanding of financial statements. She is attentive to detail, accurate, and enjoys what she does. Joni is accommodating, creative and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her work.”

Paul Mayer ~ President, PCM Global Solutions LLC

“Having worked with Charity for over ten years I have learned to appreciate her attention
to detail, accuracy, and enthusiasm for the job. I highly recommend Charity Williams.”

Marc Halle ~ Halle Custom Homes, LLC

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